On-Demand TrueZoom for Internet Applications

Proprietary and patented imaging technologies delivering the immersive detail that billions of people are asking for when zooming on internet applications.

Try TrueZoom Here!

  1. Zoom on the image with either pinch-zoom (touch devices) or ctrl-mousewheel (desktop) for TrueZoom On-Demand to download increased image detail. 
  2. Just keep zooming for Extended Zoom! (mobile – click on the that appears for extended zoom).
  3. Zoom out or click outside the image to return to the page (go back on mobile).
ParisEnhanced More Demo Images Here

Executive Summary

We all zoom in on website and social media images to see them better. But zooming just makes images big and blurry because internet applications limit image quality to get us those images fast. That just changed.

Introducing HifiPix TrueZoomTM On-Demand – a suite of proprietary next generation technologies now for sale for delivering higher quality images on-demand as a premium option for internet applications. Better images. Faster.

Highlighted Features of TrueZoom Technologies

  • TrueZoom On-Demand. TrueZoom On-Demand intelligently detects zooming and provides a number of ways to improve the image users are actually looking at – from simple replacement with a downloaded higher quality image to more advanced approaches of adding downloaded extra resolution data to the image.
  • Extended Zoom. Extended zoom visually expands the image at the same time we zoom in to use our entire display with optional increased zoom levels beyond browser zooming.
  • Progressive PNG. Representing a core asset of on-demand zooming, Progressive PNG (pPNG) uses extra data to increase the actual resolution of an image to progressively higher resolutions supporting either lossy or lossless compression and with less bandwidth than downloading a single high resolution image.
  • Front End Image Enhancement. Whether it’s a custom application or a browser webpage, HifiPix has multiple patented algorithms to quickly enhance the quality of your delivered images using very low display processor overhead.

Intellectual Property Documents Representing Purchasable Assets

US Patent 8,798,136 Image Processing System and Method (Multi Resolution Encoding)

US Patent 8,855,195 Image Processing System and Method (Multi Resolution Decoding with and w/o Extra Resolution Data)

US Patent 9,584,701 Image Processing System and Method (Deep Color Encoding within a Limited Color Depth)

US Patent 9,774,761 Image Processing System and Method (Deep Color Decoding within a Limited Color Depth)

US Patent 10,554,856 Image Processing System and Method (Noise Removal for Extended Bit Depth)

US Patent (pending) 202001777767 – Image Processing System and Method (Generalized Noise Removal)

WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/217754 and US Patent Pending Image Processing System and Method (Realistic Progressive Image Fade-In) [favorable WIPO evaluation]

WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/217756 and US Patent Pending Image Processing System and Method (Lead Color Multi Resolution Decoding and use of Limited Extra Data Color Palettes) [favorable WIPO evaluation]

US Patent Application 62/934,460 (not yet published) – Image Processing System and Method (Extended Lossy and Lossless Multi Resolution Encoding/Decoding)

US Patent Application 63/002,341 (not yet published) – On-Demand User-Indicated Image Zoom

US patent Application 63/029,388 (not yet published) – Extended, Multi-Level Image Zoom


About HifiPix

HifiPix is the technology licensing spin-off of Panamorph, Inc., the world’s leading and most recommended anamorphic projection lens manufacturer and developer of associated digital video processing algorithms for the distribution and presentation of major motion pictures. As Panamorph develops new innovations in video applications these technologies are adapted to the processing, distribution and display of fixed images through HifiPix to support a wide variety of alternate applications. For example, Panamorph’s patented Multi-Resolution Encoding, originally developed to provide both letterbox and anamorphic cinema format movie content on the same transport medium, has evolved into the Progressive PNG (pPNG) file format for delivering multiple increasing resolutions of the same image by leveraging the use of extra data image files. It all serves the same purpose – delivering the highest fidelity imaging experience possible with today’s content.

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